Biological Sciences Library (94)

Студенческая библиотека
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87 month ago
This is not a library! It is a 24/7 study space, which unfortunately is way too noisy for about 20 hours of the day. If you really want to study, go to the third floor and hope for a seat...
Scott B
109 month ago
Be sure to check whether there are classes booked for the computer rooms on level 2. It sucks being booted out just when you get going...
Zebby A
111 month ago
During exam period, you need to get here by latest 9-10am to get a desk even during weekend.
Robert M
114 month ago
If you want a seat here on the weekends make sure you get here well before 5pm
Kristy T
116 month ago
Too many bloody noisy people who don't care that people are trying to study >:(
Jared W
122 month ago
Good place for an all nighter!
Trent R
126 month ago
The best bathrooms are on level 2. All the other bathrooms are appalling.
✨N J
128 month ago
The book machine is pretty rad and fun to play with! Its like getting fresh baked cake from the oven!
Muqtasid H
128 month ago
This place is open 24/7 now :D
Abdullah N
128 month ago
Nice library
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