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Nationwide Building Society

New Oxford House, 54/56 West Street, Брайтон, East Sussex, BN1 2SE, Великобритания, GPS: 50.822853,-0.14373757

As a mutual, we’re owned by, and run for, the benefit of our members* – meaning we’re free to reinvest more of our profits into improving products and services. Last year alone, we paid back half a billion pounds to members through better-value current accounts, mortgages and savings accounts...

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TSB Bank

51-53 West Street, Brighton, Брайтон, East Sussex, BN1 2RA, Великобритания, GPS: 50.82307,-0.1435857

Due to the current outbreak of COVID 19, we have had to make some temporary changes to our branch opening hours. Please click through to our website to ensure you are seeing the latest operational hours, and where closures might affect you.

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