Burjuman Metro Station (محطة برجمان)

Станция метро
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Fuyuhiko T
23 month ago
Instagrammable METRO station, isn’t ?
Hensel F
46 month ago
Exit 1 towards Max, Day to Day & Prime Medical Centre. Exit 2 towards Ravi, Mr. Chaat, the side of Karama. Exit 3 for BurJuman, Grand Midwest Hotel. Exit 4 for Bank Street and KM Trading Hypermarket.
Mark A
77 month ago
The nicest looking metro station in Dubai.
Hamid R
85 month ago
Dont forget to use Exit #4 and check babykish's Playards.
Pallavi $
102 month ago
Kabab rolls right near the exit. Awesome Kabab platter a must have. Kabab rolls r fab too..
Fahd M
102 month ago
There is a pani puri place right opposite the exit.
Meryllium H
104 month ago
Take the Exit 3 if you want to go to Burjuman, and Exit 1 if you want to go to Prime Medical Center! 
Renwick M
117 month ago
If ur on d green line...and are travelling twds union metro stn, get off here and take d red line to it, u,ll save some time surely
Mona G
129 month ago
If you come to this metro station and want to go to Burjuman, just take the exit which is on the same side as Zoom supermarket.
Tanuj D
130 month ago
You can use this as a way to cross the intersection, and gets out right in front of the Paris Gallery entrance of Paris Gallery in Burjuman. Alot of traffic tho :S
  • Red Line (19) Interchange with Green Line (26) (Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St & Khalid Bin Al Waleed), Дубай, ОАЭ, GPS: 25.254902,55.304188
  • +971 800 9090