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Железнодорожная станция
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Karin G
20 month ago
Great connection to subway, busses or taxis.
Filip O
24 month ago
If you have too much time to kill, head for the Erdos es Fiai Cukraszda, you will not regret.
Sara K
27 month ago
Try not to book a ticket late from this station,because it’s really creepy with weird people after the dark!& with no proper waiting places.We almost had a stroke waiting for our bus from 9 to 11 p.m.
Balazs H
32 month ago
Good connection to southern and western Hungary by train, suburbia with buses and downtown with the metro. Not too much to do around so prepare if you go for longer trip.
Aytul K
33 month ago
No office at whole only otomats
Stevie T
35 month ago
Instead of the railway station building and its stairs use the new underground stairs and ticket machines to have a reasonable station experience
Ruslan D
37 month ago
Расположение автобусной станции удобное. Можно удобно пересесть на метро и любой городской транспорт, а также на поезд. До центра добираться по синей ветке, затем или пешком или 9 автобус.
Mehdi S
38 month ago
A bus station is in middle of nowhere without any information, sign of boarding, coffee shop and even someone speaking English!
Derek P
38 month ago
One of the oldest train station I saw in Europe.
Bence M
46 month ago
Altough the platforms and the underpass are quite modern since metroline M4 completed, the terminal building is still in bad condition. Time to renovate!