Gulskogen Senter

Торговый центр
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Sukhvinder Singh J
58 month ago
One of the best shopping centers around. It is just the right size, cozy and easy to navigate. Modern and effective.
Eigil M
69 month ago
Gulskogen Senter believes that it is a good thing to have a McDonalds placed in the middle of the mall. Well good for you. It's just tacky and we know better.
Eleni G
88 month ago
pa spored prezimevo,i Mall-ot mora da e extra dobar :D i bese,iskreno..Samo skapo si e skapo.Ova e Norveska,ne e Mk.
  • Guldlisten 35, 3048 Драммен, Норвегия, GPS: 59.74307,10.157211
  • +47 32 21 19 50