Theo Chocolate

Шоколадная лавка
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Pamela J
5 month ago
Broken bar days are a fun way to purchase their chocolate. They advertise these events periodically. The lines can get long, but it's fun and the chocolate is so good.
Stacy B
13 month ago
Make yourself sick with free samples. Not sure if it’s worth it but I do it every time.
Karen C
25 month ago
Best chocolate tour!
Audrie B
32 month ago
Learn about fair trade, GMO free and organic chocolateering! And eat chocolate!
Mehul K
33 month ago
Set a budget before you go in. I spent $80.
Fernanda B
36 month ago
Great tour, the guy giving it was fun and patient, and they give samplings of their delicious chocolate.
Kuo-yu L
38 month ago
My 2nd time doing the tour, which is highly recommended as I find that the more you understand how chocolates are made, the more tasty they seem. Some chocolates are only available at company store.
Kaitlin T
39 month ago
I was a Theo evangelist before moving to Seattle—and I love it even more now. It’s some of the creamiest dark chocolate you’ll ever have. And the tour is tons of fun, lots of chocolate to sample!
Christine R
45 month ago
Factory tour is a great way to spend an hour getting to know the chocolate making process and taste testing! Get their seasonal and small batch chocolates... they always have great flavors to try/buy
ᴡ C
54 month ago
All the samples.