Executive Hotel & Conference Centre

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Aditya M
71 month ago
The WiFi here is incredibly slow and unreliable.
Aditya M
71 month ago
Wireless Internet is quite slow.
Jonathan Y
71 month ago
This hotel wasnt even close to be at the executive level, rudeness from your hotel staff and contractors which I did not deserve from the moment I stepped into the hotel, very poor service + blackmail
林 Ceci
81 month ago
The Exec In Richmond is a lot nicer. The rooms at this location are dark & gloomy and has a weird smell. If you're staying in Burnaby go to the Delta or Hilton
Alan M
96 month ago
Wrong Chexkin location. I am in Richmond. Oppa
Ken G
111 month ago
They give you a complimentary 15 minute massage! Where else do you get that!?
Tracy F
114 month ago
Held an event in a Banquet Room. The staff was exceptional, food was amazing and the price was very reasonable. I recommend this hotel to anyone who is looking for Banquet Rooms to rent.
Daria S
115 month ago
Nice lobby but the DD rooms are tiny! Book the suite instead!
Darlene A
122 month ago
wireless is less than satisfactory, very disapointed. otherwise good Hotel.
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