Dongdaemun Design Plaza (동대문디자인플라자)

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Angeline T
42 month ago
Lots of wholesale shopping malls around this area. The design of DDP is modern and great for photography. There's a LED flower display nearby and unique structures all around the mall.
Haza K
54 month ago
세계어디내놔도 부족하지 않은 관광 핫플레이스.볼거리 할거리 무진장 많은곳. 관광객들도 많다. 10월말까지 야시장도 열린다
Ibrahem A
55 month ago
One the most aesthetically pleasing places i've ever been2.Found myself going there 3 times. Must visit in the morning for the shops and gallery&at night to appreciate the night view of the building
Simple Discoveries
60 month ago
The architecture looks as if a spaceship landed in central Seoul - out of this world! Be sure to check out the LED rose garden at dusk then browse the diverse design shops inside.
63 month ago
Zaha hadid designed this sprawling complex (consisting of museum, gallery, retail etc) which is worth a visit with interesting facade lighting during night time.
Seohyeon P
65 month ago
Really futuristic building great for photo ops! This place is beautifully lit at night and filled with a lot of people for a night of fun. The exhibits that are held here are quite interesting👯
Eunice K
68 month ago
You can find lots of Korean designed goods (but you can also find many of the same items at Kyobo/쿄보 bookstore). The 2nd floor has more cookware and 3d printers.
69 month ago
공공기관에서는 처음으로 국제지명 방식으로 진행된 공모에서 여성 건축가 최초로 ‘프리츠커 건축상’을 수상한 자하 하디드가 선정되었다. 그녀는 면과 곡선을 활용한 비정형 공간을 만들어 내는 능력이 탁월한데 이번 DDP에서는 ‘환유와 풍경’을 컨셉으로 액체의 흐름을 3차원으로 표현했다. 하지만 주변에 수렴되지 않는 뜬금없는 디자인과 복잡한 동선은 아쉬움이 남는다
Will K
72 month ago
This is a great design gallery plaza in Seoul. Large number of design galleries take place here and there's lot to see. If you are an artist or a designer, I definitely recommend to take a visit here.
William K
74 month ago
Amazing piece of architecture, the shops on ground floor are disappointing but do check out the designers' room upstairs.