Appletree Medical Centre

Кабинет врача частной практики
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Aaron W
90 month ago
Wait times are at least double whatever it says online. Usually still pretty reasonable though.
95 month ago
Dr. Baranick is quite possibly the fastest and most efficient clinic doctor ever. Just brilliant.
Assal M
99 month ago
After 2hr and 20min waiting, they told me the Doctor I've registered is done and he's gone but we still have your name for the next available doctor!!! I'm gonna write something for Ottawa citizen
Assal M
100 month ago
Waiting time suppose to be 30min but it's more than 90min
Assal M
100 month ago
Avoice to see Dr. Fahim here. Never listens to you. Usually wants to finish your case quickly and call the next patient. He likes to precribe everyone anti depressant pills.
don m
111 month ago
Wait times are way off. Said fifteen min. Three hours!
Lefty M
115 month ago
Come in late afternoon for allergy shots - even if they've registered the last patient they'll still take you for an allergy shot, and the waiting room is way quieter towards closing.
Simon S
124 month ago
Allergy shot patients usually get seen pretty quick!
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