Healthy Bites

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26 month ago
Very friendly staff. Huge variety of vegan and vegetarian plates. Also many Greek traditional recipes with a vegan twist. And of course burgers, sandwiches, club sandwiches, pizzas, sweets etc.
Iraklis P
31 month ago
I tried a chocolate strawberry banana protein smoothie, which was good for a meal replacement. Nice space, centrally located.
Panos C
38 month ago
Healthy alternatives for quick snacks when in the city. Quite expensive though for what it offers. Vegan and vegetarian choices available.
Natalie S
39 month ago
Τα pancakes με φρούτα γευστικά μεν αλλά ημιψημένα, τα αυγά μάτια με λουκάνικα δεν ήταν κάτι το τρομερό, οι μερίδες μικρές και οι ενεργειακοί χυμοί γευστικοί αλλά αρκετά ακριβοί (5,50 ευρώ)
E. Z
39 month ago
Tasty pies and perfect cappuccino, nice to see they carry coconut sugar too! But pretty pricey 🤨
Virginia S
39 month ago
My pancakes were pretty raw...also, they call themselves vegan but server eggs, too. Vegetarian & vegan is a better option for their tagline.
Nuri K
45 month ago
Very welcoming, smiley people work there. Very clean, comfy. Tasty. Really nice place with a nice aura.
Natalia P
48 month ago
The vegan moussaka (the soy mince is organic and the bechamel is made from coconut milk) was quite good. They've got vegan ice cream too.
Chris I
49 month ago
Καλά παιδιά, ευγενικά, με ωραίους φυσικούς χυμούς και καλό καφεδάκι, αλλά τίποτα το ιδιαίτερο που να σε σπρώχνει να ξαναέρθεις.
  • Πανεπιστημίου 25, 105 64 Αθήνα, Греция, GPS: 37.979744,23.733475
  • +30 21 0321 1375