bar track

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Brook S
14 month ago
Fantastic spot with salami and various whiskeys. It’s chill.
Matilda F
15 month ago
Go here to sit down and enjoy the excellently curated music and the highballs. Don’t go here if you’re a big group, want to talk loudly or are looking to get wasted.
Russell T
38 month ago
Wonderful place. Warm and inviting, fantastic whiskeys and old fashioned. Music is lively and fantastic.
Bommy C
43 month ago
Chill, quiet bar playing vinyl. 7/10 people were foreigners. There's a cover charge but the unlimited snacks are worth it.
Andrew B
51 month ago
Want this bar next to my house back home - on the surface a lot of new Tokyo establishments seem "Brooklyn Aspirational", but this puts most NY bars to shame. Cover seems a tad steep, but worth it.
Paul G
59 month ago
An excellent little bar in Ebisu. Lined with LPs and bottles of whiskey. Unfortunately it can get quite smokey. Free bar nibbles on each table. Guinness on tap. I'll be back.
Ari J
61 month ago
The coziest of the cozy. Described by a friend as the kind of bar Murakami would've owned. Props for the Dylan cover of Day Turned Night from the jazz selektor in the lab coat.
Krishna S
63 month ago
Super quaint whiskey bar in Ebisu. There was an 800¥ seating charge but it was worth it. The place had a great selection of whiskey and made a fantastic old fashion.
Teresa S
72 month ago
Nice bar with a great whisky and vinyl collection. And of course, unlimited bar snacks in little mason jars! #win
Benny S
74 month ago
Classic whisky bar, good service & beautiful space.