Bar Trench

Основано на отзывах: 10


Sydney M
10 month ago
The best bar I’ve been to in Tokyo
Jason W
14 month ago
Loving the old fashioned here. Definitely one of my favorite bars in Tokyo.
Thodoris T
19 month ago
Cool little bar with nice atmosphere great cocktails and service! A bit pricey and sometimes can have a lot of expats.
Yenson S
19 month ago
One of the best cocktail bars in the city.
Lisa B
19 month ago
Grab a stool and order the Black Manhattan, made with Amaro instead of Vermouth.
Steven A
20 month ago
Tiny cocktail bar hidden in an alley in Ebisu -- if you manage to snag seats, the drinks are all incredible, and the bartenders are very friendly.
20 month ago
Smaller and more intimate than its sister bars, Bar Trench offers amazing cocktails and great ambiance. No smoking! Lots of tourists/ex-pats if you care about that.
Kris C
23 month ago
This place is hidden away between 2 major roads on a side street. The old fashioned is amazing and the C’est la vie Sour is incredible. I can’t imagine you could go wrong with any signature drink!
Kevin W
27 month ago
Their range in abilities here is really great. From a smokey Old-Fashioned to a White Negroni to a Vieux Carré, all the drinks we had were well-balanced and delicious.
Ross W
30 month ago
Absinthe features with Traditional sugar cube drips, and the 'green fairy' in cocktails such as a 'frappe'. If aniseed is not your thing try the Mezcal based mule variation "Dark Side of the Moon".