Museu Nacional dos Coches

Исторический музей
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Jeanette M
31 month ago
Surprisingly interesting, though a bit expensive (8 €). Spent about an hour here and I read almost all signs. Don’t use the outdoor restrooms - there are toilets inside
Diogo A
60 month ago
Make sure you go to BOTH museums! There's the second part across the street!
Tommy S
64 month ago
In a swanky new building across from the yellow boat dock, this place is jaw dropping! Easy to see in about an hour and totally worth the €6!
Paula R
65 month ago
Trabalho meticuloso dos artesãos que em outros séculos fizeram aquelas jóias que eram meios de transporte. Muito bonito . Aquilo era viajar com estilo !
Oksana S
93 month ago
Очень интересный и необычный музей, попадаешь в эпоху балов и замков! Для студентов вход - 2€, по вс - бесплатно для всех.
André R
94 month ago
Lindas as berlindas e coches. Porém poucas estão restauradas e devidamente conservadas, senti um relaxo. Triste....mas aos fins de semana antes das 14 é de grátis.
Thomas B
100 month ago
Very neat stuff, easy to see it all in a short amount of time. Free Wifi and free app that serves as guide (app is both funny and informative).
Belém Bairro Cultural b
112 month ago
Criado por iniciativa da Rainha D. Amélia de Orleãns e Bragança, mulher do rei D. Carlos I, o Museu dos Coches Reais, como então se chamava, foi inaugurado no dia 23 de Maio de 1905.
Jason 6
113 month ago
Housed in the old horse riding arena of the Belém Palace, formerly royal and now official resident of the president, this museum has one of the finest collections of historical carriages anywhere.
119 month ago
This is where you'll find well-preserved historical carriages of Portugese nobility. Don't miss the coach used by King Philip II of Portugal (the one he used to get to Lisbon from Madrid).